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​As the second biggest state in the USA, Texas has various businesses and services that cater to every customer’s’ needs. Some services have been around for decades, tirelessly providing quality service to clients. Air Texas is one of them.

​A Business Born Out from a Family
Air Texas is a business run and operated by Mark and his family. Established in 1997, his son later joined the family business and has since become an essential part of it. With that, Air Texas aims to provide top-notch service not only to their clients, but also to their homes or establishments as well.


Quality Services Without Breaking the Bank
Our goal at Air Texas is to give the best services to our varied clients, while at the same time ensuring that we have a good standing relationship with them. We believe that quality services don’t need to be expensive–clients can invest in cost efficient services that don’t suck money from their bank accounts. We are always upfront with our fee, but we don’t pressure our clients to take out their money without consulting them first. This is where we first listen before discussing the replacements, repairs or maintenance their AC needs.

Accompanied by the services are our team of experts who have knowledge skills in repairing, replacing, and maintaining AC and heating machines. Our technicians are on standby 24 hours so you will get the most out of our service, any time of the day.

Our AC Repair in Universal City company offers many other services in this area, ensuring that problems with your AC or heating machines are fixed in a jiffy. You can also opt for an upgrade with our repairs if you feel that your machine needs it. On the other hand, our AC Repair and AC Maintenance in Universal City services have ensured that your AC is in good condition, even after a long summer.

We don’t just limit our scope to AC services alone. We also offer HVAC Service in Universal City in case you need your heating and ventilation checked. However, you don’t need to immediately opt go for this service, as long as you run the following necessary checks first. We at Air Texas provide all the necessary information when it comes to checking their ventilation. We want our clients to be able to determine for themselves if their unit needs to be brought to us or it’s just another common minor issue. Our website has the following list of tips and tricks on how to maintain your AC’s lifespan.

Quality and Comfort
Another goal we keep in mind at Air Texas in Universal City is to provide comfort in our clients’ home. Hence, we always remember that we provide the best service there is, as well as an experienced team of professional technicians. Quality and comfort are hard to achieve if just one service is not a priority. Creating relationships with our customers are crucial since we want our clients to have the comfort that they deserve.

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