Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Repair Work

Time To Fix Your Air Conditioner Before Winter Sets In

The unpredictable weather conditions like what we have in San Antonio means that you must maintain your HVAC system functioning well all the time. The air-conditioning unit is an important piece of equipment in your house. Generally, Texas does not experience snowfall. However, that does not mean you can ignore to keep your AC unit functioning well during winter.

You surely need to ensure that your AC outdoor unit is protected from the winter weather. Not doing so may mean your AC may not function at all on the first day of spring when you need it. You would have to call HVAC contractors in San Antonio, TX, urgently. It’s always best to wrap up your air conditioning servicing and repairs early on in fall. We at Air Texas are the qualified HVAC professionals in San Antonio that carry out the task methodically and efficiently.

Signs That Your HVAC System Needs Repair Work

These signs indicate your air conditioning system may need service or repairs:

  1. You Hear Odd Noises. Do you hear some odd noises from your AC unit while switching it on, running it or when the system cools down? While a soft whirring sound is normal, any other type of sound is an indication of some problem with the AC system. You need to call a technician to attend to it.
  2. Inadequate Cooling. It is not so easy to decide whether your AC is functioning optimally. People often ignore inadequate cooling by saying that their AC is working fine.  But these problems go unnoticed because you do not realize the presence of the problem. If the system isn’t cooling as it should, the thermostat might be switching on and off more often than it needs to do. You may adjust to the problem by blaming the weather being too warm and stripping a layer of your clothing. But that isn’t the solution.  It’s crucial to get regular maintenance done and call in a technician without delay.
  3. Very High Energy Bills. Your AC bill can vary based on usage, but it cannot suddenly escalate to a point where you find it unaffordable. If your Air-conditioning bills continue to peak irrespective of the season or how you run it, you need to call our professionals to check the system. We have the expertise to attend to all types of AC problems and can help restore your bills to their normal range, with the right fixes.

Always Opt For Professional Care

Professional care and maintenance make sure the work is done efficiently.  Our experienced team of technicians will work to your satisfaction and ensure that your AC system is always functioning properly.

For the best AC servicing and maintenance solutions, call Air Texas at (210) 602-7181. You also have the option to contact us via this Online Form, and we will revert shortly.

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