Question to ask a HVAC technician

Questions You Should Ask The Technician During Your HVAC Inspection.

When your San Antonio HVAC maintenance technician arrives for your scheduled HVAC inspection, it’s best to have some questions ready so that no concerns remain unaddressed. You can enquire about the state of your air conditioner and mention any problems you face with your system. We at Air Texas are a reliable and experienced company in this space, offering prompt and cost-effective HVAC maintenance in San Antonio to commercial and residential clients.

Primary Checks

Preventive maintenance aims to identify functional problems before they become difficult to handle and a financial burden as well. As a property owner, you can carry out routine jobs like changing the filter and keeping track of any changes in the system that you need to communicate to the technician. Some checks that form the part of the technician’s  HVAC inspection in San Antonio are:

  • Proper working of a thermostat
  • Testing the refrigerant level
  • Cleaning various parts of the air conditioning system

Do Ask These Questions

  1. What Is The Frequency At Which I Need To Replace The Filter?

A filter is a critical component of the air conditioning system. It helps to increase its life span and keeps the indoor air clean. The frequency of changing the filters depends upon your HVAC system and how extensively it is used. Some filters would need only cleaning, while others may need to be replaced at frequent intervals. Some have a longer life and do not need to be changed frequently. It is necessary to ask this question to know which type of filter your system has.

  1. Can I Do Something For Better Energy Efficiency Or To Reduce My Energy Bills?

After checking your energy bills, if you find they are high, you may like to know how you can curtain energy usage to reduce these bills. Enquire whether some adjustments or improvements in the system can reduce energy consumption and help save you some money. A technician may also suggest an energy audit to detect areas in your home that allow air to escape or enter because these aspects affect cooling.

  1. Can I Clean or Maintain My HAVC System in Any Way In Between Inspections?

This is a tricky question because it sounds like you want to share their work. But you may want to play a role in maintaining your system perfectly or want to know more about your air conditioning system. Whatever your intention, you need to talk to the company in advance, and the technician may show you how to clean some components which you can. This can keep your system working longer and save you money in the long term.

  1. In What Way Can I Help Improve Indoor Air Quality In My Home?

You and your family’s health depends upon the indoor air quality (IAQ). It is a smart question to pose to the technician. He will let you know in what way you can improve the quality of air in your home. You can ask him to suggest any products that make breathing better and easier, especially if a family member suffers from allergies.

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