How Often Should I Clean My Air-Conditioner Filters

How Often Should I Clean My Air-Conditioner Filters?

Most people opt for maintenance contracts for air-conditioners in their home. However, they rarely care to know the reasons why it is necessary to clean the air-conditioner filter and how frequently. They are unaware that cleaning the filter is essential for both health and safety reasons.

When you switch on the air conditioner, the cooling may sometimes be inadequate, or you may smell a funny odor in the room. This happens when the filter is not serviced or cleaned regularly. Air conditioner users benefit from knowing simple things about the working mechanism of the system.

When an air conditioner fan or filter is dirty, the dirt and dust continues to build-up inside the air conditioner unit. It not only obstructs the airflow from the unit but can also carry that dust into the evaporator coil. A dust-covered coil loses its efficiency to absorb heat, uses more power and at times can result in a power failure in the system too  

We at Air Texas Air Conditioning & Heating educate our clients about the above possibilities and recommend keeping their air-conditioner in good working condition by cleaning and maintaining it regularly.

The Schedule You Should Maintain For Air Filter Cleaning

You install air conditioners to cool the air in your home and keep you feeling comfortable. Like all other appliances in your home, your air conditioner filter too needs care and maintenance at frequent intervals. It keeps the unit functioning at its highest efficiency and helps maintain the quality of air in the indoor areas of your home.

Get your air conditioning system regularly maintained by San Antonio HVAC maintenance technicians. You save a tidy sum on repairs by scheduling the maintenance twice a year and have the comfort of uninterrupted cooling. Hiring professionals saves you from dirtying your hands to clean the filter yourself. You can choose from our range of services such as general HVAC services, normal chemical solutions, and overhaul chemical solutions.

Maintenance Services by Air Texas Air Conditioning & Heating

  • General HVAC services– This service includes cleaning of the front cover and air filter of the fan coil unit. It serves to strengthen the airflow and makes it cleaner and healthier as the air is dust-free.
  • Normal Chemical Solutions– This service includes checking the air conditioning system and cleaning the indoor fan coil, outdoor condenser unit, and drainage piping. This helps improve the airflow quality, reduces the chances of a sudden breakdown and helps lower energy bills.
  • Overhaul Chemical Solutions– This system is more inclusive compared to the normal chemical solutions. It covers chemically cleaning the indoor fan coil and outdoor condenser unit and preventing water leakage, reducing fan oil leakage, and ensuring efficient working of the unit. All this results in significant improvement in the airflow quality.

For the best AC servicing and maintenance in San Antonio call Mark or Harrison at (210) 602-7181. You also have the option to contact us via this Online Form, and we will reply you shortly.

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