Signs That You Need Air-Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning problems have a knack of springing up when you need the system the most. Often, the signs of malfunction appear on the hottest days, especially when you overwork an old system. The best way to avoid such situations is to maintain your system regularly.

Air Texas Air Conditioning & Heating offers prompt and reliable AC repair and maintenance services. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have what it takes to provide clients with high grade services at affordable rates.

The best way to avoid hassles and expensive repairs is to pinpoint problems early so they can be fixed before they become severe.  Here are some common warning signs that you need air conditioning repairs. Being aware of these signs will help you take steps to keep the system in good working condition all the time.

  1. A Sudden Spurt In Energy Bills

Generally, utility bills are stable with minor, seasonal fluctuations. A significant rise in your energy bill should make you take a second look at the functioning of your AC.

  1. AC Unit Getting Noisy

Strange clinking, banging, screeching sounds from the AC unit are an indication that something is wrong with the system and it is not safe to continue using it. Such sounds indicate that some internal components are loose.

  1. Uneven Cooling In Different Areas Of The House

Uneven cooling happens when there is an insulation problem, or the AC unit needs repairs. You will notice that some areas in your house are hot while others are cool. In either case, you need an AC repair professional to look into it.

  1. An AC leak

Water leaking from an air-conditioner can result in mildew or mold, and the problem needs fixing immediately. On the other hand, if the water is leaking inside the house, the AC condensate can be the culprit.

  1. Check Whether the Airflow Is Low

If the airflow isn’t strong enough when you place your hand near the vent, both the motor and fan need checking.

  1. Higher Humidity In The House

Increase in indoor humidity is standard in summer months. If you feel that the humidity levels remain the same even when the whether cools down, you may need to find whether there is any duct leakage or the AC is the source of the problem.

  1. Home Areas Not Getting Cool

If the air from the AC isn’t cool enough, the problem may lie with the AC refrigerant.

  1. Frozen AC Coil

The issue of a frozen AC coil arises for different reasons like dirty air filters or even a refrigerant leak, which is more complicated. These problems need immediate attention, and you need to call in a professional to fix them.

  1. AC Stops and Starts Randomly

Sometimes the random stopping and starting of AC after it is switched on, signals a problem in the cooling system. You need an HVAC technician to set it right.

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