7 New Year’s Tips for Saving Energy

New Year’s time is for reflecting on the past and setting new goals to improve different aspects of your life. Energy has become a more precious commodity today. Achieving energy efficiency is no longer about environment conservation. The rising cost of energy has made it even more important for everyone, including homeowners, to take measures to preserve as much energy as they can.

As you take your New Year’s resolution, it is recommended to include the following tips in the list to ensure you save energy throughout the year.

1. Use Power Strips

Many appliances and devices continue to consume a tiny amount of energy even when they are turned off but plugged into the electrical outlet. This is known as phantom electricity loss, and it means that you will continue to lose energy even when you are not using an appliance such as your air-conditioner.  

  • Plug your appliances and devices into power strips
  • Turn off the entire power strip instead of having to turn off each device
  • This prevents the need to unplug devices every time you stop using them

2. Make Use of Your Ceiling Fans

You rely heavily on your HVAC system to keep your home hot or cold. This year, you can reduce your reliance on the heating and cooling system by using your ceiling fans more often. 

  • Set your ceiling fans to spin clockwise during the winter months
  • Set the fans to spin counter-clockwise during the summer months
  • The fans will pull down the warm air from the ceiling in the winter and create a chill effect from the wind during summer

3. Insulate Your Doors & Windows

Insulate your doors and windows to ensure that your air conditioning and heating systems work to their best without any stress. This is important to prevent hot or cold air from escaping your home. Most homes are meant to be insulated, but chances are good that your home’s insulation has failed at some points. Take steps to improve your ductwork. Bad connections or holes may have developed in the ductwork to cause leaks. 

4. Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, make sure to get it installed. 

  • A programmable thermostat will help you in saving energy
  • It will also save money by allowing you to set the system to work only when you need heat or cold

5. Upgrade to the Latest Energy-Efficient Appliances

If your financial resources allow it, upgrade as many appliances as possible to the latest models. This includes:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers/dryers
  • Dishwashers

Make sure to check the Energy Star label to ensure you are getting appliances that consume much less energy than their older counterparts. This also means upgrading all the lights in your home to energy-efficient led lights.

6. Turn off Lights When not in Use

While this is expected of everyone, interestingly most homeowners are not already following this tip. This simple step can help make a big difference in your utility bill. Turn off lights in a room when no one is using the room. This applies to all rooms including the kitchen and living room.

7. Upgrade to Renewable Energy

This can be the year that you can eventually make that move to renewable energy. The costs of solar panel systems have come down significantly compared to just a few years ago. Besides, the involved technology has become much more efficient. You don’t have to make a complete shift to solar. You can continue to rely on the grid and get a part of your energy from renewable energy sources.

So, follow these tips to save more energy this year. For more information, guidance, and tips, feel free to get in touch with Air Texas AC at (210) 602-7181 or write to us.

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