5 Signs You Need to Call Your HVAC Technician in Summer

5 Signs You Need to Call Your HVAC Technician in Summer

Your home is your safe haven and when you come back after a hectic day you want it to feel comfortable and cosy. To maintain the optimum comfort level in your home, you need your HVAC to perform well. While any fluctuations in its performance can cause inconvenience, if the system breaks down in extreme weather like peak summer it can become an emergency. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye out for any symptoms that point towards an impending malfunction. Whenever you notice such signs, it is time to call an expert from a reputed firm like Air Texas AC.

Signs you should look out for

Here are 5 signs which indicate that you must call an HVAC technician immediately:

  • Issues with airflow: If the HVAC is struggling to push air it means there is some problem. The cause can range from a dirty air filter to a more complex issue with the compressor.
  • Water leakage: If you notice liquid dripping from the vents it could mean that some debris is blocking the pipe.
  • Strange noises: Ideally the HVAC should not make any other noise except a soft purring sound. If you hear the sound of meta clanging or screeching or rattling, it is a cause of problem as it may lead to a severe damage.
  • Higher energy bills: If you see a sudden spike in your utility bill, it could mean your HVAC is using more energy.
  • Foul odour: If you get a foul smell like rotten eggs or cheese from the HVAC vents it can indicate bacteria or mold growth.

Hiring a reliable HVAC technician

If you notice any of the above signs in your HVAC you need an expert to look at the system and advise you on the next steps. Before you hire someone, you must do some research and ask for recommendations. You should ask for client feedback and testimonials so that you can evaluate their past work. Ask for a quote for the service and ask if there are any other charges, so that you are not is for a surprise later.

You must always hire a technician who has necessary licenses. A company that is awarded for its work or hold additional licenses from other areas, is more likely to be a reliable and trustworthy company.

Prioritize quality that comes with affordability

As HVAC maintenance is a regular expense, it is important that you look for affordable options. However, you must not compromise on the quality of service. Many companies have rebates and offer for certain HVAC systems, check for such discounts to get the best deal.

At Air Texas AC we are a team of trained and skilled professionals who offer quality HVAC maintenance at very affordable rates. To know more about our services you can call us on (210) 602-7181 or visit our website. You can also write to us on service@airtxac.com and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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