5 Tips to Keep Your HVAC System Running at its Optimal Levels

5 Tips to Keep Your HVAC System Running at its Optimal Levels

Each year, your HVAC system comforts you during the scorching summer months. Now, that we are in Spring time in San Antonio, why not resolve to take care of your air conditioner? Our experts at Air Texas recommend five crucial tips, that would keep your HVAC system maintain optimal levels of performance!

Besides slashing down your utility bills, you can infuse your A/C with a longer lifeline with these tips. Of course, you would enjoy healthier interior air, while shelling out lower amounts for possible repairs.

How to retain optimal performance level in your A/C?

Take a look at the professional recommendations to keep your air conditioner in good shape.

1. Clean the heating pump or condenser

If you have an outdoor air conditioner, the chances of the unit accumulating dirt are relatively high. This would require your system to work harder to deliver the necessary cold air. Make sure to clean the condensers regularly to prevent any possible damage to components located inside. Take care to remove debris from the sides and top of the outdoor unit.

Your garden hose would serve this purpose, particularly when you clean the fins. Flush the space between the crevices to eliminate the debris.

2. Clean the filter

A dirty air filter, if overlooked, often leads to expensive repairs. At regular intervals, make sure to clean the filters or change them, as required. This would boost the efficiency of your air conditioner significantly. Besides, it would keep your energy bills within reasonable limits.

Inspect your filters for possible signs of clogging or dirt on a monthly basis. If necessary, wash the filters and dry them before you put them back to position. Changing these accessories once in three months would be enough.

3.  Schedule biannual inspections

An inspection by reputed professionals ensures that your HVAC system would continue delivering its optimal best when it comes to performance. During these inspections, our technicians take care of the following aspects:

  • Checking AC coils
  • Making sure that the fan operates perfectly
  • Cleaning AC drain lines
  • Checking air filters and changing them if necessary
  • Checking and refilling the refrigerant level
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for leaks

You may get your AC inspected by our professionals twice a year: once after the winter months and the next during the peak summer

 4. Clean your drain lines

Even when you are not having your AC inspected, make sure to keep the drain lines clean. Remember, these systems take out moisture from ambient air. Eventually, the moisture accumulates in your drain lines, clogging them. Leaving them unattended nurtures the growth of mold and algae. Make sure to clean the AC’s drain line periodically, removing the outer cover of the system.

5. Clean the outdoor unit

Remember, the AC’s outdoor unit remains directly exposed to the elements of weather and pollution. Besides, negligence can lead to vegetation growth on the outdoor unit. This would prevent the exhaust to get expelled from your system, interfering with the performance of your AC. Given that this is a DIY job, make sure to clean the outdoor unit regularly.

 For more guidelines on maintaining your AC, reach out to us at Air Texas. You may also book your scheduled inspection with us on (210) 602-7181 or reach out to us for any further assistance through this contact form.

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