5 Signs that Say Your Heating System Needs Replacement

5 Signs that Say Your Heating System Needs Replacement

Your heating system is an important component of your home specially in winter time. If it is not working properly, it is important to get it fixed or replaced in time. It is best to avoid emergencies where you will have to call in the heating repair experts in the middle of the night. Air Texas AC provides comprehensive repair, maintenance, and replacement services for heating and cooling systems in homes and business places in San Antonio, TX. If you notice any of these 5 signs in your heating system, we recommend that you should consider replacing the unit.

1. Sudden Increase in Heating Bills

If you notice a sudden increase in your heating bills, it can be a sign that your heating system has become inefficient. All HVAC systems lose their efficiency as they age. When your heater has an issue, it will have a tough time maintaining the desired temperatures. This further diminishes its efficiency and increases the wear. Instead of continuing to use an inefficient system, it is best to replace and upgrade. 

2. Strange or Loud Noises

If your heating system is making loud or strange noises more frequently, you should get it checked. While age and poor maintenance are factors that can cause such sounds, if your unit has been well-maintained and is not old, the sounds should mean the following:

  • Squealing: This could mean that there are issues with the motor bearings.
  • Rattling/Banging: There could be problems with the blower assembly or the motor.
  • Loud Rattling: If you hear loud rattling when you start the system, it can mean that the motor is failing. 
  • Screeching: Such noises are typically related to the compressor. 

When the noises increase in their frequency, it can indicate the need for major repairs or furnace replacement. Pipes can creak and groan when they expand and contract. However, the above-mentioned noises should not be ignored. Timely repair or replacement can allow you to enjoy the long winters in a cozy and hassle-free manner.

3. Uneven Temperatures or Sudden Fluctuations

When a heating system works properly, there will be minimal temperature fluctuations near the doors and windows. Do you experience sudden changes in temperatures between the floors and/or rooms? Are they are any unexpected drafts? If yes, then you should get your heating unit checked by experts.

Some rooms may stop getting warm enough while other rooms become too hot. You should not take uneven heat distribution lightly. It can be a sign that the furnace is inefficient.

Does your thermostat need regular adjustments to make the rooms comfortable? It can man that there are issues with the furnace. If the difference in different room temperatures is in several degrees, it may be time to replace the heating system.

4. More Frequent Repairs

If your heating unit recently required multiple visits from the technicians, you should explore the replacement options. More frequent repairs mean:

  • Piling up costs of repair
  • The furnace producing potentially harmful and unreliable heat
  • Frequent emergency repair service requests can be a big hassle

5. An Old Heating System

A heating system is expected to last up to 15 years. If your heating unit has been giving you trouble for some time despite repairs, check its age. If you are unsure about its exact age, look for any indications of installation date or some code indicating the parts manufacturing date. If anything indicates that it is ending its lifespan, you should consider upgrading.

At Air Texas AC, we are your one-stop service provider for all types of HVAC system repair, replacement, new installation, and maintenance requirements. We are licensed and insured to provide our services throughout San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding areas. Call us at (210) 602-7181 or send us your queries from our Contact Us page.

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