What are the most common safety problems with heating systems?

Common safety concerns for your heating system

If you own a heating system at home, you should always make sure that it doesn’t pose a threat to you, your family members, or your property. Like any electrical appliance, a heating system can potentially run into problems and cause hazards if you aren’t careful. As a homeowner, you should maintain the safety of your heating system at all times. If there are any potential issues, look for heating system repair or maintenance services in Texas. Our team at Air Texas AC happens to be extremely experienced at fixing faulty heating systems or carrying out maintenances.

What are the most common safety problems with heating systems?

To keep your heating system safe, you would have to stay aware of the safety problems that could possibly occur. Some of the most common safety concerns with heating systems are:

  1. Fire hazard

This is probably the biggest hazard that your heating system may cause. A malfunctioning heating system can easily cause a fire and burn down your home. To prevent such fire hazards, make sure to arrange for professional heating maintenance once a year. Also, test your carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms on a monthly basis, get your fireplace and chimney inspected annually, and leave a 3-foot space clearance around all the heating equipment.

2.Hot water and steam leaks

Water leaks in hot water-based or hydronic (steam) heating systems can be quite dangerous too. Hot water leaking from the system would most likely cause extensive damage to your property or belongings. Moreover, major leaks can lead to injuries or even death. For instance, if a radiator valve is missing or damaged, it could spray the occupants of a room with scalding hot water and steam. To prevent such instances, drain the boiler periodically and make sure that all the components of the system are in a good condition.

3. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Often called the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is quite poisonous and can potentially cause death. Unfortunately, the combustion process in the heating systems generates carbon monoxide and it is crucial that you do not allow this poisonous gas to accumulate inside your home. Keeping this in mind, installing a carbon monoxide monitor in your home could prove to be a lifesaver.

4. Gas leaks

In case your heating system runs on natural gas, you would have to keep in mind that gas leaks can be a huge hazard. Leakage of natural gas can potentially lead to house fires and explosions, causing extensive damage to life and property. Keep your heating system properly maintained and serviced to prevent gas leaks. In case you suspect a gas leak, evacuate your home immediately and call in the professionals.

Why do you need professional heating services?

Never try to carry out an electric heating system maintenance by yourself, as it could result in shocks or other electrical hazards. Instead, hire licensed and experienced professionals who can tackle the job safely. Moreover, professionals would also possess the right equipment for the job. Investing in the timely maintenance and servicing of your heating system can save you from major dangers. If you are in need of professional services, feel free to fill up this contact us form or call Air Texas AC at (210) 602-7181.

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