Winter preparation tips for your heating system

Winter preparation tips for your heating system

With winter already here, you are probably gearing up for the cold weather it brings. Heating systems are invaluable during the winter. If your home has one, you should certainly make sure that it is fully functional and ready for the winter months. This would ensure your peace of mind and save you from a great deal of hassles.

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How to prepare your heating system for winter?

Now, you would want your heating system to be in top-notch condition before winter starts. Here are some tips on how you can prepare it:

  1. Replace the filters

Replacing dirty filters is one of the most important maintenance tasks for heating systems. In fact, dirty filters are one of the most common reasons behind heating system malfunctions. They also reduce efficiency greatly by blocking airflow. The air quality too, would fall greatly once the filters become clogged with dirt. 

  1. Clean the vents

Homeowners often forget or ignore the importance of keeping the vents clean. A dirty and obstructed vent not only causes the air quality to drop, but also prevents the system from functioning properly. Dusting out the vents and registers would prevent a major buildup. Professionals use specialized equipment to clean air vents completely. 

  1. Test the furnace

Homeowners often make the mistake of waiting till winter actually hits, to turn on the furnace for the first time that season. It would be far more logical to carry out a test run beforehand to see if the system is running properly. This way, you would have plenty of time to get the system fixed before the cold weather takes over. 

  1. Check for safety issues

Problems in heating systems can potentially lead to safety problems like fire hazards. Make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is functioning properly. Also, replace the batteries so that they last throughout winter. Remove all objects, especially the inflammable ones, from near and on top of the unit. 

  1. Inspect the chimney

A blocked chimney or exhaust vent is a serious issue that could potentially put lives at risk. For instance, if there is a bird’s nest or any other obstruction blocking the exhaust, it would cause carbon monoxide to build up. 

Why is now the best time to prepare your heating system?

Right now, as winter is about to set in, it’s the perfect time for a heating system inspection and maintenance. In case if your heating system runs into a problem during winter, it would leave your home cold until you can get it fixed. By checking for issues and resolving them early, you can stay assured that you are ready for winter. 

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