How to Save Energy on Your HVAC System in 2021

How to Save Energy on Your HVAC System in 2021?

The world is a more energy conscious place today than ever before. Everyone is busy planning how to save more energy, not just to lower energy costs, but also to make this world a better place. Your heating and air conditioning system consumes a significant percentage of energy in your home or business place. At Air Texas HVAC, we are a one-stop HVAC installation and service provider in San Antonio. Besides providing the best quality systems and maintenance and repair services, we recommend the following tips to save energy on your air conditioning and heating systems in 2021.

1. Preventative Maintenance

Well-planned preventative maintenance from experienced and licensed HVAC professionals can help you lower your energy costs. So, how does it help?

  • It involves scheduled maintenance appointments
  • The technicians can identify and fix minor issues before they grow into bigger ones
  • Lack of regular maintenance can cause minor problems to make the system work harder
  • A system that needs to work harder is going to breakdown, thus increasing the cost of operation

2. Use Air Conditioner Economically

We recommend the following tips to use your air conditioner economically and reduce your electricity bill:

  • Keep appliances away from thermostat and air conditioner. This can prevent the system from ‘thinking’ that the room is warmer than it actually is.
  • Provide cover to your air conditioner. If it is positioned outdoors, cover it with an awning to prevent overheating.
  • Besides temperature, you should also check humidity to create a comfortable space. Removing more humidity from a conditioned environment can help make it cooler while reducing the stress on your air conditioner.
  • Avoid closing too many vents. Remember, your HVAC system is designed to meet the heating or cooling requirements of your home. Shutting off the vents to some rooms will make the system less efficient and effective.

It is further recommended to use a programmable thermostat, inspect the ducts, and rearrange the furniture and use fans to optimize the cooling effects.

3. Use Energy Saving Automation Controls

The use of energy-saving automation controls can help the system from using more energy. A building automation system allows presetting temperatures remotely for different zones in your home or office. Get controls designed from scratch or get HVAC controls retrofitted for your existing system. These controls can help you save costs, lower your budget, and drive energy efficiency returns.

4. Switch to the Right Size System

If you have an old system, this may be the right time to move over to an energy efficient HVAC unit that is the right size for your building. The right type and size of system can help you save on your monthly utility costs. Your utility company or HVAC service provider can run an energy audit or determine the most efficient system for your building.

So, these are some valuable tips to help you save energy and lower your utility bills in the New Year. At Air Texas HVAC, we provide heating and air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout San Antonio. We can help you achieve your energy-saving goals with our vast experience and professional prowess. For more information about our services, give us a call today at (210) 602-7181 or write to us using this Online Form. We will revert to you at the earliest once we receive your message.

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