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Your AC unit is one of the biggest and most expensive systems in your home. You want to make sure that you are maintaining it properly. According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, it’s estimated that you should have your AC unit inspected and serviced at least once a year. Even with great maintenance, these systems eventually need replacement. Let’s learn more about how to tell it’s time to replace your AC system.

The System Is 10-15 Years Old

Most AC units will have an average lifespan of about 10-15 years. This can vary greatly depending on the care and maintenance the system received during its life and the amount of use it put out. That can really be affected by the climate of the area in which you live. When you’re planning to replace a unit, you should do some research on the expected lifespan of that unit and brand. This purchase is a big investment, and you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth out of what you’re buying. The experts at your local air conditioning service company will be able to offer you advice on which brands and types of units would work best for your home.

Your System Is Making Excessive Noise and Dust

If you have noticed that your system is creating a lot of dust even after having the system and the air ducts cleaned, then this could be a sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the ductwork. Not only will leaks of this nature bring in a lot of dust, but they can also compromise the integrity of the entire system and cut down on the system’s efficiency as well. All of this adds up to more expense for you.

Excessive noises coming from the system could mean that the duct system actually isn’t large enough for the size of your home. Systems are supposed to be chosen and installed based on the square footage of the house. If you built onto your house or the air conditioning service provider you used for installation disregarded the size of the house, then you might run into problems. If your system is too small for your house, then you’ll need to consider having a larger unit installed.

It’s Getting More and More Expensive to Run the AC

If notice a considerable spike in costs of energy and there is no other explanation, then it could be an issue with your unit. When a system isn’t running efficiently, it will use more and more energy which costs you more and more money. You should make an appointment to have it inspected to see if you need a repair or replacement.

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